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IWF 2019 China Fitness Equipment Marketing & Sales Forum

- IWF 2019 Franchise Clubs Operating Management Forum
- 'Harmony·Win-win' IWF 2019 China Massage And Healthcare Assembly
- IWF 2019 Procurement Meeting

IWF China Fitness Club Management Forum (6th Edition)

- IWF 2019 China Fitness Leadership Forum
- IWF 2019 Franchise Clubs Operating Management Forum
- IWF 2019 Housing Estate+ & Sports Fusing Forum
- IWF 2019 Smart Gym Development Forum
- IWF 2019 China Nutrition’s Choke and Trend Discussing Forum
- IWF-PTS China Personal Training Forum, also the First Personal Training Honor Convention
- Personal Trainer and Boutique Fitness, the Engine of the Business

Post show for IWF 2018

IWF 2018 China Fitness Industry Dealers’ Assembly

IWF 2018 China Fitness Industry Dealers’ Assembly gathered more than 500 dealers’ expert. It started from the development trend of international retailer industry, future thinking and the environment of China business, discussing the developing status of international fitness equipment dealers, the influence of fitness design and how to build up century national boutique. It will analyze the change of fitness equipment in the future, to judge the future of the development of China fitness equipment better.

  1. Get Entertaining for E-Sports & Fitness - Fei MAO, CEO of FREESPIN
  2. The Developing Status And Trends in The Future of International Fitness Equipment - Frank, CEO of Fitness Digital
  3. Innovation of Business Mode for Fitness Equipment Industry - Qiyun WU, CEO of Enjoy Fitness
  4. New Mode, New Sales - Kai ZHU, CEO of Hejiafu
  5. Good Design Accomplish Good Business - William VOLCOFF, Founder of Octopus Innovation
  6. Discussing: Craftsman Spirit - How to Build China Centennial Brands

2018 China Fitness Leadership Forum

As an important concurrent forum of IWF SHANGHAI Fitness Expo, CFLF 2018 China Fitness Leadership Forum keeps on searching the development trend and direction of China fitness clubs, looking for the solutions for the choke points met in the business of fitness clubs. After 4years’ development, CFLF 2018 has been an important platform which gathers the elites in fitness industry.

CFLF 2018 has invited famous heads of institutes, e.g. the One Fitness, Lucky Bird Fitness Club, Whytewoolf Fitness, Leoao Sports and Powerhousegym (China), Alisports and so on, to discuss how to go forward with the original intention under the multi-environment of capital, smart, transboundary and co-sharing etc with the theme of ‘Getting Back to the Origin of Business, Win Together Under The Multi-Environment’. National and international fitness investors, club represents and Media came together to discuss the development status to fitness club brand in China marketing to provide ideas for building up a ‘Health China’. In the meanwhile, the staff of fitness club got a chance to advance through the experience and communication from the guests.

  1. How to Value Up The Brand Through The Change of Consuming Mode - Mr. Dong LU, CEO and Chairman of the One Fitness
  2. The Way to Expand Chain Fitness Clubs - Mr. Rong ZHOU, CEO of Lucky Bird Fitness
  3. Fitness Club Origin, The Brand Should Insist On in The View of Sustainable Development- Mr. Kevin LIU, Vice GM of Whytewoolf Fitness
  4. The Co-Sharing Entrance of A New Retail of Fitness Platform, Mr. Wei HAN, Founder and CEO of Leoao Sports


  1. What on earth is the future of aggressive fitness clubs when traditional fitness clubs are expanding to multi-service?
  2. Is it on earth service or education in fitness club industry? Will it be a new way to transform to education for traditional fitness clubs?

2018 International Fitness Club Development Forum

As a professional platform tailored for China fitness clubs, IWF 2018 China Fitness Club Management Summit added International Fitness Club Development Forum to provide a global vision for China fitness industry. Global leading information and management experience was brought to senior executives and investors of China fitness clubs.Representatives from leading clubs in world-wide were invited to share their experience with the participants to discuss topics like the future development of fitness industry under the background of global fitness booming and other hot topics.

  1. The Way of Fitness Clubs Go Public - Mr. Shangzhi MIAO, CFO of Fitness Factory
  2. Branding And New Business Models - Mr. Ciro SANTUCCI, Invester and CEO of Audace Palestre / Hard Candy Fitness Milan
  3. The Development And Latest Trends of European Fitness Industry - Mr. Stefan KRAUS, Senior Consultant of German Chain Fitness Club
  4. How to Develop And Expand Your Fitness Club in A New Market - Mr. John Joseph SWEENEY, Celebrity Fitness Owner

Lianba & IWF Innovative Fitness Service Roundtable

When it comes to ‘New Retailer’, there's more and more possibilities for China fitness. ‘How to service fitness lovers better from self character when the cost of new customers and liquidation is getting higher' is the theme of Lianba & IWF Innovative Fitness Service Roundtable. We have invited guests from non-traditional fitness to discuss the mode of fitness service.

Create Fusion Development - The Present Situation And Future of Chinese Women's Fitness Courses

Under the national strategical guidance, the China fitness marketing in early development is a historical chance for fitness staff. Courses, space and trainers are the 3 elements of fitness products. Get back to our origin, what are our strength and weakness in China fitness marketing?

  1. The Development History of FIGUREROBICS - Jung Da-yeon, Asia Fitness Queen & Co-founder of ZETNESS
  2. Eastern Women Bodybuilding And Western Traditional Bodybuilding Training, Lingang WANG, Founder of Yin-Yang Four-Season Healthy Training System
  3. Women Fitness Courses in The Sight of Leoao Sports - Danian LIU, Partner and VP of Leoao Sports
  4. 2018, The Contest First Year of Fitness Industry - Wei WU, Founder of Feifan Founder, Former VP of Iresearch
  5. The Importance And Marketing Status of Rehabilitation After Pregnancy - Manhua WANG, Senior Course Promoter of Rehabilitation After Pregnancy
  6. Women Sports Courses ‘Bread And Dessert’ - Ming ZHANG, Founder of Shanghai Ming Dance
  7. Why Did I choose ZETNESS - Wei NING, Partner of ZETNESS
  8. Smart Equipment Optimizes Women Courses - Quanhong XU, Shangti Fitness Equipment
  9. Creative And Fusion - ZETNESS Helps Chinese Women Fitness Marketing Development, Dao LIAN, Founder of ZETNESS

LET'S GET WELL - 2018 Possibility Technology Fitness Management Forum (7th Edition)

LET'S GET WELL is the encourage for self and the confirmation for belief of Possibility.
LET’S GET WELL shows Possibility's expectation to industry and himself in 2018.
To give fitness industry the power to create future: LET’S GET WILL!
Possibility will mark the theme with the following 4 aspects:

  1. Why Did Fitness Become A Industry? Discussing The Logistic of Chain Development - Prof. YI
  2. The Secret to Promote Achievement - Xu LIU
  3. The Key Advice to Finance Management of Fitness Club - Keshan SUN
  4. The Reflect And Solution of Traditional Fitness Sales - Shiyun QIANG
  5. Chef Creative Management Salon - Possibility
  6. The Benefits of Fitness After The Fusion of Medical And Fitness - Jason
  7. How to Realize The Accurate Service And Management For Customers - Yu GONG
  8. Start A New Mode for Aerobic Personal Training in Club - Jianson DAI
  9. The New Trend of Accurate Physical Assess - Han HAN
  10. The Benefits of Fitness Clubs Salon - Possibility

2018 Create The Future With New Change, Win With Smart - Sun Pig Fitness Industry Forum

‘Create The Future With New Change’, the first edition of 2018 Sun Pig Fitness Industry Forum opened in IWF SHANGHAI. The forum built up a platform to communicate and share top smart in the industry, gathered fitness star program and industry experts, shared the forefront experience with industry elites, discussed the industry development trend under the variety and cleared the developing direction for companies.

Sun Pig Fitness strategically updated in 2018, building the chain matrix with league, leading the innovate and update in industry and teaching how to win with smart.

2018 China Fitness Chain Benefit And Smart (Dual Core) Forum

2018 China Fitness Chain Benefit And Smart (Dual Core) Forum was a fitness professional forum, united organized by KisMart and Equation Cluture Technology Co., Ltd.

  1. How Should Fitness Clubs Rapidly Build Up Core Competitiveness? - Zihui ZHANG, CEO of Equation
  2. New Era Fitness Scene - Ke MA, Founder And CEO of DisMart