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Group Preference for Oversea Buyer Association

2018-8-21 13:33:12


2019 China (Shanghai) International Health, Wellness, Fitness Expo will be held during 7-9, March 2019, in Shanghai New International Expo Center. IWF SHANGHAI is combined by fitness trading, fitness training and fitness competition. IWF SHANHGAI always follows the internationalization tendency, and focuses on the merge of technology and innovation. By five years operation, IWF 2019 will continue the theme of  'Technology, Innovation', expand the exhibition scale and introduce Nutrition, Sports Leisure, VR products to meet various buyers' demands.
IWF 2019 will achieve over 85000 square meter, 700+ international brands and 70000+ professional buyers.

7 Halls in SNIEC
E1 Fitness Equipment
E2 Fitness Equipment & ACC
E3 Fitness Equipment & Rehabilitation Appliance
E4 Club Supplies and Related
E5-E6 Nutrition, Health Food and Energy Drink
W1 Indoor Sports Leisure

Exhibiting Scope
Commercial Fitness Equipment
Home Fitness Equipment
Fitness Equipment & ACC
Club Supplies and Related
Club Chain
Fitness Apparel and Decoration
Nutrition, Health Food and Energy Drinks
VR Fitness and Smart Wearable Products
Swimming Pool Facilities, Patio and Related
Wellness / Massage Equipment
Fitness and Health Consultation
Yoga Products
Indoor Sports Leisure
Student Sport Supplement & College Sport Equipment
Beauty / SPA / Sauna / Tanning
Sports Science and Technology, Sports Medical
Sports and Fitness Facilities and Construction

Visitor Category
National General Agent
Regional Agent / Distributor / Wholesaler
Retailer - Shopping Mall
Retailer - Franchise
Retailer - E-Commerce
Import & Export Trading Company
Gym / Club
Fitness Trainer / Enthusiast
Rehabilitation Center
College / Police System / Professional Sports Team
Fitness Training Institution & Sports Research Institution
Management Software / Services Consulting Firm
Association / Chamber of Commerce / Government
Media / Journalism / Publisher
Department Store / KA Shopping Center / Shopping Center / Business Supermarket System
Hotel System & Property Developer 
Online Retailer & TV Shopping Platform

Details of Group Preference for Oversea Buyer Association:
1. Request of group members: more than 10 oversea buyers who are the first time to IWF and at least from 8 different companies.
2. Buyers come from all the world, excluding China mainland, but including China Macao, China Hong Kong and China Taiwan.
3. The group leader can get an economic class air-ticket to-and-from Shanghai.
4. Each member can get a 3-day free accommodation during the exhibition.(Quasi 4-star or 4 star)
5. Each member will be VIP of IWF, with free visiting certificate, free entering to every forum, training, forum etc.
6. Each member can get the free pick-up and drop-off services, (three times a day, 8:00~12:00, 12:00~17:00 and 17:00~21:00).
7. Each member can apply for a fitness club tour.
8. Each member can get a trading pair if he/she wants.
9. Each member can enter to the appointed exclusive club to fit during the exhibition, excluding the traffic.

1. The association fills in '2019 IWF Fitness Expo Oversea Buyer Association Application Form' and sends all the name cards and passport copies of every member to iwf@donnor.com before 31 Jan. 2019.
2. Once checking every member is the first time to IWF and working in fitness industry, the IWF Committee will give a confirmation letter.
3. The members get the preference with name card, passport and confirmation letter.

You can get more information from Ms. Schin ZHOU of IWF.
Email: iwf@donnor.com 
Tel.: +86-21-6610 2037 / +86-21-66267222#8036
WhatsApp:+86-13524611620   Telegram: +86-13524611620