China Stationery & Sporting Goods Association (CSSGA)

CSSGA is a first grade national industrial association approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and a national industrial organization comprised of enterprises that manufacture and distribute educational, sports, and recreational products, instruments, equipment, and devices. Its scope of industries contain fitness and leisure devices and products, physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment and products, military sports equipment and instruments, traveling and camping equipment and devices, all kinds of appliances for hunting, chess and card games, various equipment, devices and products for fishing and water sports etc. CSSGA carry out various activities under the arrangement of gov.


Donnor Exhibition Group

Established in 1996, Donnor Exhibition Group has become a enterprise integrating with many professional brand exhibitions, big-range expo business and a powerful team in the 20 years development.Donnor Exhibition Group is a national exhibition and conference institution who has dozens of professional trade show with nearly 400 thousand square meter exhibiting area. Its business covers fitness equipment and facilities, architecture, leather, footwear, synthetic leather, machine tools and plastic machinery, hardware, glasses, surface treatment and environmental technology, auto, decorative materials, furniture, advertising facilities, packaging, lightning, swimming pool facilities, swimming equipment, HVAC and fresh air and many fields. It has become a member of IAEE in 2016.


Shanghai Donnor Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Donnor Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. established in 2002, with 5 exhibition items in health and architecture field. We bring productivity and competitiveness increasing innovative solution and 360° industrial exhibiting to global exhibitors and buyers by exhibitions and hundreds of professional forums, awarding ceremonies, competitions and training etc every year.

With the business philosophy of 'To Create Business Opportunities for Customers' and final goal of pursuing excellent services and continuous innovation, Shanghai Donnor Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. creates the best trade platform for all kinds of industry, to push a blooming development and realize win-win solution.