Dear Bike实景单车

Categories: 健身器材

Exhibitor Information
Dear Bike实景单车可与手机等移动端互联。它拥有极具未来感的外形,稳固的车身和友好的掌控性。单车以家庭为主要场景,为家庭将提供极致的智能体验,智能APP全操作,探索更多运动可能。性感小鹿教练在线教学,课程体系不断迭代。可以邀请好友在线PK,竞技排名,骑乐无穷。在继承严苛品质的基础上进行产品包装,封锁一切安全隐患,对孩子和宠物更安全。静音设计,脚下无声,友邻有情出色的静音属性,不扰邻。不使用时,内敛收场,仅需一隅,就可拥有家庭微健身房。单车同时倡导关注家人及周边亲近人群的健康,与其为了增进感情聚餐吃喝,不如和他们一起运动起来。
Dear Bike is able to be interconnected with mobile phones and other mobile devices. It designed with futuristic look, a stable frame and easy to control. the Bikes are mainly used for home to provide the ultimate intelligent experience for the family. We can control the bike by intelligent application to explore more possibilities of sports. With online trainer Sexy Deer, the curriculum system is updated constantly. Users could invite friends to ride online and get competitive ranking. You will find lots of fun of riding. To package the products which are excellent qualities and prevent all safety risks, which make it safer for children and pets. It's low noise design will provide users with good feeling of exercising. User will not worry about disturbing their neighbors. It only needs a corner to storage, so you can have a family mini gym easily. Dear Bike also advocates for the health of family members and someone close to you. Rather than eating and drinking for bonding, Let us work together!