Actions Which Chinese Took Last Month to Prevent Ourselves With Covid-19

25 三月 2020View: 280

Under the circumstances of special pandemic, covid-19, we have to take it seriously, instead of neglect it.



1. Quarantine yourself and refuse visitors even family member. It may take long time, but you can learn more to fulfill yourself.

2. Wash your hands frequently with sanitary.

3. Avoid touching eyes or mouth by hand. If it’s a must, wash your hands first.

4. Keep room ventilated.

5. Wear face mask wear and don't touch the surface by hand when you move it. Pack it before throw away.

6. Wash clothes after coming from outside. Better cover shoes by plastic bag.

7. Use tableware separately, like plates, chopsticks, spoons, knifes and forks.

8. Honest to local government and hospital.

9. Take temperature before entering any building. You may be declared if the temperature is higher than 37.3 celsius degree.

10. Press buttons with tooth ticker or other thing, instead of your finger.

11. Prepare medicine if you have any chronic disease before quarantined.

12. Store food which can be kept for days. Only go out to purchase food if needed.

13. Avoid meeting people in the street or market. No touch with anyone.

14. Medical alcohol spray will help.


What to do before you leave house to hospital:

1. Protect yourself and also others may be infected by you with surgical gown or others like raincoat, helmet, goggles, plastic film or PE, disposable glove, transparent file bag and garments.

2. Face mask is a must.

3. Isolate yourself in a separate room before ambulance arrives if you catch fever and can’t make sure whether you are infected by corona virus.

4. Do some simple exercise and be positive if you are in hospital.


Doctors and nurses:

You are really important heroes. Remember to protect yourself in hospital.

You are a great element to support patients, your family and others no matter your are prepared or not.



We need your step forward bravely.

You can help the local government, your neighborhood, society and your apartment building to organize the order and help to take temperature.

Please remember to protect yourself when you serve bravely.


Factories and technical persons:

1. The government has to close some stores and storehouses sooner or later, so like the heater, microwave oven the hospital and patients may needed later.

2. Life-support machine, face mask, medical garbage can also will be shortage.

3. Prepare Refitting equipment to produce masks if possible.


Teachers and Training agencies:

Develop online system as tool to help business and those quarantined at home



Get the certificate for transportation and delivery production of emergency epidemic goods in case others need it


Chinese have recovered day by day after it outbroke since January. As normal citizen, we take and obey the above rules and it does work. I wish every kind of creature in this planet safe and sound.


Time will inform us the truth. Firstly be alive please!


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