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HB005 Ultra Bike

Categories: 健身器材

Exhibitor Information
HB005 Ultra Bike风扇车是面向HIIT运动需求开发的专业高强度间歇性训练器材。具备上手即用、高功率输出、可进行多关节复合性训练等特点,是目前HIIT选用的主流器械之一。因其移动方便、又无电源限制的特点,可以适配不同的应用环境:小型健身工作室、大众健身房、私人家庭等。HB005训练效率更高,具备上肢训练、下肢训练和全身训练三种训练方式,能提高身体协调性,充分满足不同人群的训练需求;采用的铝合金材质坐垫管及脚踏更耐腐蚀,有效防止汗滴侵蚀,使用寿命更长;噪音更小,座椅舒适,用户运动体验更佳。训练数据可通过蓝牙或ANT+与智能设备连接,配合第三方APP实时跟踪,科学管理运动数据,让训练计划安排更合理。
HB005 Ultra Bike is specifically designed fitness equipment catering to users looking for professional HIIT training. It has come back in fashion with features of high watt power outputs and ease of use. It also enables user to do compound training which involving multi-joints. HB005 Ultra Bike is versatile, easy to move and wireless design, which helps to accommodate various training environments, such as fitness clubs, small fitness studios as well as private home gyms. HB005 Ultra Bike is more efficient and enables users to do upper body training, lower body training and total body training. It helps to improve your body coordination and meets training demands of various people. Consider electroplated steel gets rust easily, the seat support and pedals of HB005 Ultra Bike is made of aluminum alloy, which is less prone to corrosion, helping to provide long service life. Less noise, comfortable ride and better training experience. The workout data can be synchronized to your smart devices via Bluetooth or ANT+. Then you can track the data with 3rd party applications which manage your training more scientific. It helps users to make a reasonable training plan.