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2022 IWF - Have a New Schedule

2022 IWF - Have a New Schedule

Dear Exhibitors, visitors, media friends, and partners:

Given that the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control situation is complex and grim in many Chinese provinces and cities, and the social economy was forced to press the pause button for more than two months, in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control of Shanghai and even the whole country, IWF Shanghai international fitness exhibition organizing committee decided: the original 2022 IWF Shanghai international fitness exhibition will move to Nanjing International Expo Center,  on August 30-September 1!

Located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing International Expo Center is the largest professional convention and exhibition center in Jiangsu province. With more than 1,000 convention and exhibition activities, it has won unanimous praise from major organizers and become a new engine to drive the growth of the convention and exhibition industry in East China.

As the first professional Fitness Expo in 2022, IWF Shanghai International Fitness Exhibition will give you all the best ! On August 30-November 1,2022, we will meet with you at Nanjing International Expo Center, and strive to start a new journey together in the full of expectation!