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2022 DMS Champion Classic (Nanjing Station)
It will be held simultaneously with IWF on August 30


A professional, fashionable, hot-blooded event

A dynamic, rich and colorful exhibition

Will be at the Nanjing International Expo Center

Once again, Set off a fitness frenzy



The DMS Champion Classic has been held since its inception

Annual events will be held at the IWF International Fitness Show

This is a must-see show for fitness people

We have added a passion for bodybuilding

The scene will worth your trip


We will be in this historic city ——Nanjing
Leave a magnificent stroke
A flow of fierce national head competition
A super-scale international fitness ceremony
The two powerful authorities unite
IWF International Fitness Show
The wind vane of the development of the sports and fitness industry
World’s leading sports equipment exhibition
Large scale
The five indoor pavilions are square of about 85,000 square meters
Hold 20 + high-end professional activities
There are expected to be more than 1,000 brands participating
Domestic and foreign professional audience of 75,000 +



Immersive arena atmosphere, professional and fashionable stage layout is to respect the state of the athletes, the competition is on the verge of development, open a new environment of bodybuilding art.