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Fusion& Symbiosis | the 9th China Fitness Leader Forum will held soon!

Fusion& Symbiosis | the 9th China Fitness Leader Forum will held soon!

Since 2014, the IWF International Fitness Fair has successfully held eight China Fitness Leaders Forum. In recent years, the organizing committee has gathered outstanding business leaders from different fields on the China Fitness Leaders Forum platform to discuss several important issues of brand management, including intelligent business thinking, improving member training experience and repurchase, establishing systematic management, etc. The forum takes China's sports and fitness industry as the starting point, and combines theory and practice to promote the industry brand building, as well as the communication between enterprises and consumers. And attracts investors, founders and managers from different organizations of different size through lectures and roundtable discussions.


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On August 31,2022, the ninth China Fitness Leader Forum to "Fusion & Symbiosis" as the theme, the influence of the current era and the environment to China sports fitness industry challenges and opportunities, on the one hand requires enterprises to pay attention to their own operations, actively grasp the era, on the other hand requires enterprises to diversified development, and "crisis" symbiosis for a long time.

In the era of strain and innovation, we will gather with highly influential business leaders in the industry, focus on the direction of industry evolution, exchange new ideas on brand operation, content management and service improvement, and comprehensively discuss how to build a strong competitiveness for long-term development.

In the round table discussion and summary link, the guests will discuss the strategy adjustment of the venue operation under the normalization of the epidemic, aiming to adjust the marketing direction and tap the market potential, look forward to the deeper way of business management, have an insight into the development trend, and stimulate the breakthrough of the new path!

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On August 31

Nanjing International Expo Center