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Pilates Training| The Momentum Increasing Sports in Industry

For those who are not yet familiar with Pilates as the clout-increasing sports, it is a comprehensive physical therapy, which emphasizes the core stability of one’s body while the muscles are getting relaxed and soothed. The positioning of this fitness program is gradually transformed from high-end to a more popularized one in recent years. As the increasing of Pilates training program in fitness club/gym, it continuously attracts people especially office workers. It is reported that the scale of Pilates industry market has reached 16.8 billion RMB by 2021, and is expected to exceed 50.0 billion RMB by 2029.


Suffering from long term sub-health status due to working overload or inappropriate lifestyle, youngsters/office workers of today are more likely to choose the way of fitness with pertinence in an optional pace. Now Pilates training is acting as a therapy but in a leisure way, to help correct chronic diseases occurred in cervical vertebra, spine, waist and legs etc. In a mutually beneficial relationship with the growing requirements from customers, fitness gym and club are setting up Pilates training lessons, a certain scale of groups are formed.


As customers searching for a healthier lifestyle, coming with good education background and rich experiences, they prefer to go straight to the problem of their bodies and try figuring out the solution by exploring by themselves or looking for the therapy in a direct way. Their sense of efficiency making Pilates training the best choice in the spare time. The Pilates trainers, on the other hand, should behave more professional and provide precise and targeted training lessons. Various types of courses are being introduced to adapt to requirements of different groups, with different purposes such as losing weight, body shaping, relaxation etc. The two groups of people as the trainers and trainees are connected closely to form a virtuous cycle, which better stimulates consumption and the market scale related to Pilates is becoming larger than ever. Under the constant stimulation, online courses are set up as well, therefore customers can enjoy Pilates training at home easily.


In overall description, Pilates used to be the sports followed by minority of people, which is in slow development. While so far Pilates is gaining momentum significantly and there is also an expectation that Pilates will gradually surpass Yoga and take the leading position in the industry in the next few years. 


IWF2024 now is facing the challenge of holding the 11th exhibition since the pace runs rapidly. We are always willing to catch up with and exhibit the latest trends happened in fitness industry. Sensing the growing attention of public on Pilates, IWF2024 sincerely brings the innovative fitness training to the spot in terms of product exhibition in pavilion (e.g. elina PILATES, COMEPOCKY, ZHONGGAOLIDE, BeWater, YH K Fitness, CREASEN, LUBEFEIYUE, Align Pilates etc.) and raising the China(Shanghai) Pilates Conference. With the presence of conventional product and technology, IWF2024 is integrating current trends in the meantime, aiming to present a comprehensive and innovative exhibition show.

Feb. 29 - Mar. 2, 2024

Shanghai New International Expo Center

The 11th IWF Shanghai International Fitness Expo

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