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Xiamen International Trade Exchange

IWF&CIST has been committed to focusing on the dynamics of the sports, fitness, and leisure industry since its establishment. Upholding the principle of going global and attracting international participants, it has organized various events such as B2B international trade matchmaking meetings and cross-border e-commerce enterprise overseas learning and exchange meetings to facilitate trade connections between domestic and foreign enterprises.




In the current landscape, the sports and fitness industry is undergoing rapid transformation due to various factors, simultaneously giving rise to emerging markets. Globally, developed countries such as Europe and the United States are the major markets for fitness equipment. However, influenced by factors like cost, the primary production centers for fitness equipment are gradually shifting from Europe and the United States to Asia on a global scale.




Xiamen, as one of the earliest fitness equipment bases in China, is gradually embracing the pattern of the world economic consumption, becoming the largest fitness equipment manufacturing and export base in Asia. It is also the only national-level export fitness equipment quality and safety demonstration zone in China. Numerous small and medium-sized fitness equipment factories are seizing the opportunity, adapting to market changes, and creating sports and fitness products suitable for their own models. They ensure channel profits through quality and innovation, seeking new market opportunities.




On October 25, CIST Shanghai China International Sports and Leisure Products and Trends Expo team targeted the trillion-dollar sports goods market. Starting from the research needs of over a thousand foreign trade export companies, they conducted in-depth research at the Xiamen Tong'an Sports and Fitness Equipment Base. The team organized a three-day professional seminar, bringing together 36 people from 23 factories, including Xiamen Renhe, Xiamen Sanling, Xiamen Yudong, Xiamen Weidikang, Xiamen Aopai, Xiamen Kangbaifu, Xiamen Gudao (Foreign Trade Bull), Zhangzhou Lengdong, Nantong Aikbuss, and more. The aim was to gather experienced factories and supply chain customers struggling to find new export paths, discuss pain points, explore new market breakthroughs, and unlock foreign trade growth.




This meeting focused on three aspects: market trends in the fitness industry, changes in category channels, and product optimization and service upgrades. Companies, cross-border e-commerce platforms, buyers, and exhibition organizers came together to discuss development strategies from their respective perspectives, providing broader development ideas for the high-quality development of the sports and fitness industry. In the future, CIST will plan more international trade and cross-border e-commerce-related activities. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!



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