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Innovation and Inspiration: Inside the IWF2024 Expo

The 11th  IWF Shanghai International Fitness Expo and Shanghai Swimming Pool Spa Expo successfully concluded at the New International Expo Center on 2nd March. During the exhibition, more than 1000 brands from 74 countries and regions, with over 500 exhibitors, engaged in in-depth exchanges and interactions, jointly forging an elite event for the global sports and fitness industry.


For the fitness industry, 2023 was a year filled with challenges and transformations. Market fluctuations presented unprecedented tests, but also brought valuable opportunities. The rising trend of nationwide fitness is attracting more and more people to join, and the pursuit of health is increasingly strengthened. This injects continuous momentum and vitality into the industry's development, ushering in new vitality and hope for the fitness industry.

Product innovation to integrate the market

The exhibition brought together suppliers of fitness equipment, club facilities, swimming pool and spa equipment, sports and leisure products, nutrition and health, sports venue construction, youth sports education, equestrian equipment, and solution providers. Together, they achieved complementary resources in the sports and fitness supply chain and effectively allocated upstream and downstream industry resources, providing industry professionals with new trends, showcasing new industries, and discovering new business opportunities.




The exhibits at the event focus on innovation and surpassing expectations. Examples include Matrix Fitness's Sprint8 GX high-intensity interval training product, AEKE's lightweight fitness mirror, Precor's intelligent central control treadmill, Hwanghe International's green energy self-generating non-motorized treadmill, InBody's body composition analyzer, Merrick's "Survival in Extreme Conditions" sports game, Phantom F3 dynamic indoor cycling bike with virtual gaming linkage from Easyrun, DOS&YOUNIQUE's top-tier tanning machine, and Matei's Time for Running chewing gum, among others. Many companies are introducing new products to meet the changing market trends, leveraging the national fitness policies, deeply exploring market demand, and expanding their presence in the sports industry market, thereby providing users with more professional services and comprehensive experiences.



Deepening Business and Trade Models

Following the opening up of the global economy, the focus of the IWF&CSE platform's services has once again shifted from mere product exhibition to facilitating deeper trade engagements, promoting the transformation of exhibits into commodities, measures into systems, and procurement into trade. The on-site B2B trade negotiation meetings at the exhibition serve as another attempt to promote domestic and international trade from a global vision, and we represent vivid examples of optimizing the business environment and boosting trade facilitation. On-site business opportunity releases, inspection connections, financial cooperation, and other supporting business services are carried out enthusiastically. Over 1000 professional buyers from 74 countries and regions including the United States, New Zealand, Mexico, and Russia engaged in pragmatic and in-depth negotiations regarding cooperation in fitness equipment, nutrition and health, clothing, and footwear.




Spectacular Sport Events
This year's exhibition optimizes the "conference-driven exhibition" model, focusing on sports and fitness, digital sports, operational management, business matchmaking, and other aspects, featuring five main components: think tank forums, competitive events, course training, awards ceremonies, and interactive experiences. This provides on-site visitors with glimpses into the depth of brainstorming, the intensity of physical competition, and the professionalism of education and training.




Beyond the exhibition forums, thrilling events such as the "IWF Dry Land Hockey 2V2 Shootout" and the DMS Champion Classic are heating up, showcasing the strength and beauty of sports and fitness, making the IWF Fitness Expo even more compelling!




Facilitate bilateral trade

Mr. Hossain Haider, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Shanghai, mentioned: "The sports and fitness industry is a rapidly growing sector globally. Especially in China, there is an increasing focus on health and fitness among the general public. Consequently, there is a growing demand for fitness-related products and services. Against this backdrop, the Shanghai International Fitness Expo will bring together buyers and suppliers relevant to this industry, emphasizing the importance of sports and fitness in our lives."



In the future, IWF&CSE will continue to provide a broader and deeper communication platform for domestic enterprises and overseas buyers, creating more business opportunities for both sides and responding to the corresponding "Belt and Road" policies of respective countries to achieve win-win development. We also hope that in the future, more countries, exhibitors, and buyers will communicate with each other through the fitness expo platform, exchange ideas, collaborate, and jointly address various risks and challenges to create a better future of cooperation and mutual benefit.



 IWF2025 will be held in Shanghai Expo Center on 5th—— 7th March.