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What's New Thursday 23rd of June 2022
For people who exercise in groups, ‘we’ has benefits — but don’t lose sight of ‘me’

Anyone who has been part of an exercise group likely knows the power and benefit of group exercise. Exercise group members often identify with their group and develop a sense of “we” or belonging.

What's New Friday 17th of June 2022

What home workout equipment do you require? Continue reading and learning about these equipment to help you get started.

What's New Thursday 9th of June 2022
The Exhibitors in IWF SHANGHAI

VICWELL “BCAA +” Regarding the intensity, energy expenditure and nutritional supplement, Vicwell has launched 5 BCAA+ products, aiming to meet the core nutritional needs for people in different workout stages, to provide the targeted assistance pe…

What's New Wednesday 8th of June 2022
9 Exercises Men Should Do Every Day

Guys, make a plan to stay fit.

What's New Thursday 2nd of June 2022
Intermittent Fasting: Foods to Eat and LimitEasing

Intermittent fasting involves cycling between periods of eating and fasting.

What's New Thursday 2nd of June 2022
9 Signs You Should Stop Exercising Immediately

Love your heart. By now, surely everyone knows that exercise is good for the heart. "Regular, moderate exercise helps the heart by modifying the risk factors known to cause heart disease," says Dr. Jeff Tyler, an interventional and structura…

What's New Tuesday 24th of May 2022
Hula Hoop: Is It Good Exercise?

If you haven’t seen a Hula Hoop since you were a kid, it’s time to take another look. No longer just toys, hoops of all kinds are now popular workout tools. But is hooping really good exercise?

What's New Tuesday 24th of May 2022
How to Find the Best All-Body Home Workout Machines for You

When gyms, yoga studios and other workout facilities shut down in March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people developed their own home workout routines.

What's New Thursday 19th of May 2022
Swimming for Weight Loss

Establishing an effective, sustainable exercise routine is a key component of any weight-loss strategy, says Russell F. Camhi, a primary care sports medicine physician at the Northwell Health Orthopaedic Institute in Great Neck, New York. He’s head t…

What's New Thursday 19th of May 2022
What Is the 15-15-15 Workout Plan?

These days, it seems every celebrity has a diet or workout protocol they recommend above all others. As one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood for years, Jennifer Aniston is no different; recently, she’s been touting the benefits of the so-calle…

What's New Friday 13th of May 2022
9 Strategies for Gaining Muscle While Losing Weight

Strong is the new skinny.

What's New Friday 13th of May 2022
Pros and Cons of Online Personal Training

The internet has revolutionized virtually every industry, including the fitness industry. In recent years, the availability of training via online platforms has vastly increased. So how does online personal training stack up against in-person workouts…

What's New Friday 13th of May 2022
5 Tips for Warming Up Before a Workout

Do you really need to warm up before you exercise?Are warmups before exercise just a waste of time?

What's New Friday 13th of May 2022
8 Signs You're Overtraining

If youre working out often and think you need to push harder, think again – be on the lookout for signs that youre training too hard.

What's New Thursday 28th of April 2022
The core driving force of the brand growth is that —— features continue to upgrade

Over the past five years, the worlds leading sporting goods companies have continued to grow, with their market value far outpacing their indexes.Leading brands of sports shoes and clothing will iterate and upgrade with strong product functional barri…

What's New Thursday 28th of April 2022
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NO. 1 Dior VIBE sports series will be available in pop-up stores worldwideDior will launch a series of pop-up stores worldwide next month to mark the launch of its Dior Vibe sportswear line.Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of the womens wear col…