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What's New Wednesday 13th of September 2023
Digital Sports | IWF2024 Empowering Sports & Fitness

Facing the rapid upgrading and development of sports ecology, the corresponding technological revolution is also quietly changing. With the continuous upgrading of technology types, traditional media technology has been gradually replaced by Internet …

What's New Wednesday 6th of September 2023
Pilates Training| The Momentum Increasing Sports in Industry

For those who are not yet familiar with Pilates as the clout-increasing sports, it is a comprehensive physical therapy, which emphasizes the core stability of one’s body while the muscles are getting relaxed and soothed. The positioning of this fitne…

What's New Monday 14th of August 2023
Exciting Journey | IWF2024 in SPORTEC Came to Successful Conclusion

2nd-4th August, IWF Shanghai was attending SPORTEC 2023, the largest sports industry exhibition in Japan. Equipped with a professional and enthusiastic attitude, team members of IWF Shanghai joined all 600+ exhibitors on-site, warmly welcomed approxim…

What's New Wednesday 9th of August 2023
Growing Consumption | IWF2024 Adheres Spirit of National Fitness

Currently China has fully ushered to the era of National Fitness Program, and the the development of sports industry has stepped into the fast track. With a spurt in sports activities, the Chengdu Universiade, Hangzhou Asian Games and more sports even…

What's New Tuesday 1st of August 2023
Be Global Be Digital | Pre-Registration for IWF 2024

Climbing the peak bravely and constantly refreshing the limits of oneself is the spirit that every fitness person upholds. If you are dedicated yourself into sports, you definitely should try IWF SHANGHAI FITNESS FAIR, the prestigious global event whe…

What's New Wednesday 5th of July 2023
IWF Shanghai 2023 comes to a successful conclusion

24-26th June, nearly 60,000 people, leaders gathered, ideas exchanged, exciting events happened.

What's New Saturday 17th of June 2023
Annual Dinner Party - 10th Anniversary special

10th Anniversary special l 2023 IWF Harison Annual Dinner Party! Ten years is just the prime of youth, forging ahead for the future. Ten years, compared with light years is only a very small section, is a summary of the past, but also the prospect of …

What's New Friday 16th of June 2023
Welcome to IWF 2023

Welcome to IWF 2023 -- We are at Booth W3B31 The 10th IWF will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on 24th-26th June. The exhibition scale is expanded to 60,000 square meters, with more than 1,000 exhibiting brands, and is expected to we…

What's New Wednesday 17th of May 2023
IWF 10th Anniversary l Overseas Promotion

IWF | Overseas InvitationIWF has a global layout, does not define boundaries, digs deep into the international market, and increases the investment in overseas promotion. IWF team actively launched invitation work, buyers from Germany, Japan, the Unit…

What's New Friday 5th of May 2023
IWF 10th Anniversary l International perspective

“International perspective, strategic change layout of the global market, B2B to build a global industrial chain connectivity to release strong momentum of economic bridge platform.”

What's New Sunday 23rd of April 2023

Are you a fitness and sports lover looking for the ultimate experience? Then you cant miss the IWF SHANGHAI FITNESS FAIR, a leading international event for sports and fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

What's New Friday 21st of April 2023
IWF 2023 | Being a Matchmaker

This yearly series of IWF Fitness Expo will be hold in Shanghai China, providing a business and networking platform for exhibitors and visitors to exchange knowledge and expertise, market their products and services, sign contracts and find business p…

What's New Thursday 20th of April 2023
CIST Shanghai 2023

CIST Shanghai Sports Leisure and Trends Expo is a premier event for individuals interested in sports and leisure products. This annual event held on June 24-26th showcases the latest and greatest products in the industry.

What's New Tuesday 18th of April 2023
Free Hotel for overseas visitors!!!

In order to further facilitate the travel of overseas buyers, the organizing committee of IWF Shanghai Fitness Expo has specially provided "Free Hotel Accommodation Sponsorship for Overseas Buyers" policy for those overseas visitors (includi…

What's New Friday 24th of March 2023
Exercise Rehabilitation

Incorporating exercise rehabilitation into your daily routine can be a challenge, but its worth the effort. With the right guidance and support, you can regain your strength, mobility, and function, and get back to doing the things you love.

What's New Tuesday 21st of March 2023
INE SHANGHAI 2023 Nutrition Health Expo

INE SHANGHAI 2023 Nutrition Health Expo is an event that brings organizations, bushiness man, individuals together with a focus on promoting healthy diet habits and overall wellness.